📍初早餐 True Breakfast, Cuppage Plaza📍
💸 Meat floss & eggs taiwanese omelette: $4.50
💸 Carrot cake: $2.80
💸 Scallion pancake: $4
💸 Hot milk tea: $2.50
It's pretty hard to find places that serve up authentic Taiwanese breakfast, and we're glad to have discovered True Breakfast🎉! Our favourite was definitely the Meat floss & eggs taiwanese omelette. Being made to order, it arrived piping hot😍🔥. The texture of the egg crepe was a little crispy yet chewy at the same time, and the meat floss and egg🍳 added a nice fragrance and savoury taste. So delicious that we polished off one portion each🤣!! Also, nothing beats starting the day off with a hot and fragrant cup of milk tea☕ so we'll definitely recommend getting one to go along with your breakfast! Opting for either 0% or 25% sugar level would probably be sufficient, as it'll allow you to enjoy a stronger milk tea taste without it being overly sweet🍯. Also spotted some other delicious-looking main dishes on the menu as well so we'll probably be back to try those out next time☺️!