Starting off with an appetizer such as the Parma Ham ($16) will help open your tastebuds as this dish tingles with your three tastes’ categories in sweet, salty and sour. The dish comprises of a mesclun salad with watermelon cubes that have been compressed with lime juice and lime zest and Parma ham. A little drizzle of balsamic vinegar and some Thai lime aioli by the side adds life into the dish. For the main courses, diners can choose between the Black Cod ($29) or the Venus Clams ($24), with the latter slightly edging out for me though the former is very good as well. The delicate and oily fish, coated with a pistachio and puffed rice layer, is pan-seared skin down to get a crispy exterior before finishing it in the oven and served with a baby spinach puree and edible flowers. For the pasta dish, capellini is cooked in a clam stock that contains shio kombu to give it the savouriness while the Indonesia clams brings a touch of sweetness to the overall mouthfeel. What probably is the ingenious touch is adding lots of sliced garlic and a chilli padi into the cooking to spice things up a little while sakura ebi completes the finishing garnish.
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