Lowkey hunting down all the acai places in SG😅

We headed down to Coocaca twice last week because they were having this 1 for 1 opening special till 31 Dec~ We tried their acai bowl - Pura Vida - on both of our visit at their Great World City Branch.

Pura Vida ($12.50):
▪️Acai Base: Acai + Strawberries + Blueberries + Banana + Coconut water
▪️Toppings: Mango + Kiwi + Strawberries + Banana + Coconut flakes + Granola

1) Acai base is CUSTOMISABLE
-Unlike, most of the acai places that i have been to, Coocaca makes the acai base for their bowls right on the spot! Their base in general is concentrated, not too icy or watery and wasnt overly sweet. Perfect😋
-On my first visit, i tried their original base but on my 2nd visit, i opted for no banana and more berries as i prefered a tangier and less sweet base. I was super glad and relived that even with banana added, the base wasnt overly sweet. (Sweetness lvl: 5.5-6/10).
▪️With banana: Slightly sweeter with a prominent banana profile that slightly overpowered the berries flavour + thicker and icier base that takes a longer time to melt.
▪️Without banana: Less sweet (Sweetness level 4.5/10)+ more tangy + less concentrated/thick + more watery/melty base
^Preferred no banana because i love a stronger berries taste profile and tangy base even though it melted SUPER fast and leaned towards a watery blend. Though i would definitely prefer it to be more tangy like JUJU acai bowl.
2) Toppings can be swapped!
-The staffs were super nice and friendly and readily allowed me to swapped out the banana toppings for almond butter😅😊 I love their almond butter!! Its super fragrant and unsweetened~
3) Super good service with really friendly and nice staffs.
4) Decently big portion with generous toppings (in my opinion its quite worth it)

To be continued in the comment section below......... #burpple #JYacaieats