There is always something about the Tebing Lane neighbourhood that leaves me wanting to return back for more — and between cafes Whisk & Paddle and Fat Po, I seemingly have a preference for the latter. Perhaps it has something got to do with its quirky name, and maybe it has something got to do with the cuisine that they serve, or the execution of the food, but Fat Po is seemingly the spot I will eventually end up visiting instead.

Fish burgers are pretty much of a rare breed, so the Masala Breaded Fish Bolo Burger is an item on the menu that is worth the mention. Baking their Bolo Buns in-house, the Bolo Bun deserves a mention despite being pretty much a vehicle to put the word “burger” in the item’s name — the crackling layer on the exterior carries a wafting buttery aroma that is also aptly sweet, while the bread comes with enough fluff and tension that remains relatively light throughout. While the breaded fish is pretty much generic and seemed reasonably flaky, the golden-brown breading remains crisp, and the fried item felt not too greasy overall — the breaded fish being dressed with a masala sauce over the top that taste like a more saltish variant of rempah spices that provides a flavoural punch and a spicy kick that most should be able to handle; and also came with a slice of tomato and julienned cucumbers that attempts to cut through the heaviness with its zestiness and a refreshing crunch. The Bolo Burger comes accompanied with shoestring fries which are decently seasoned with a good amount of salt for flavour, and garden greens by the side for a more wholesome look and feel.

Given the type of food they have to offer, Fat Po is a spot that seems to do Asian fusion cuisine relatively well — there is quite a fair bit of innovation and creativity in the dishes that they serve up, such as the Mapo Tofu Fries and the Bolo Burger line up. Pretty glad that their food had maintained consistency over the years too — a spot which does more or less come to mind whenever around the Punggol area looking for cafe fare that is a little off the ordinary.

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