Peanut Soup with 2 Sesame, 2 Peanut, Matcha and Yam Glutinous Rice Ball 》$2.70

Since I missed getting their signature peanut soup previously, I just had to get it when I saw it was available that day. The peanuts in their chunky peanut soup were very soft and dissolved easily when you bite down on them.

I got back the flavours I tried the other time with the peanut and sesame ones still being my favourites. Shall try the red bean rice ball the next time I visit them again.

I just love the chewy and springy mochi texture of rice ball skin filled with fillings of goodness. The price here seems to be a little lower than the other branch at Bedok 85.

4pcs + Soup - $2.00
5pcs + Soup - $2.30
6pcs + Soup - $2.60
Just Soup - $1.40
Takeaway - $0.10