The brainchild of Peruvian chef Daniel Chavez, TONO specialises in ceviche (marinated raw seafood) and other authentic Peruvian dishes. Your meal is likely to be set to a soundtrack of salsa music — fun! The service staff are playful and the food is made for sharing, so bring your favourite friends. For first timers, get the Tasting Platter ($35) with three different ceviches: Mixto sees seafood of the day tossed with Peruvian peppers; Tono combines fresh fish with crispy baby calamari, smoked aji amarillo (a kind of chile pepper) and a base marinade called Tiger's Milk; and Nikkei sees yellowfin tuna mixed with purple potato chip and avocado. Individual portions of the ceviche otherwise go at an average of $25 per plate. The ceviche here are all incredibly fresh and layered with textures, and are great paired with a Pisco Sour ($14). Save space for cooked dishes like the flavourful seafood rice Arroz con Mariscos ($34) and the Sudado de Pescado ($34), a fisherman's stew with white wine, yellow chilli, onions, tomatoes and Peruvian corn cider. If you have space for sweets, try the Alfajores ($12) — butter cookies sandwiching dulce de leche filling, served with mango mousse.
Avg Price: $50 per person
Photo by Burppler K T

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