It has been a long time since I last ate Botak Jones! As a kid, I loved their fish and chips and double baked cheese potato! They have since reopened in Singapore with 4 outlets in Singapore!

Here are the items we tried on a recent visit!

Haddock Fish n chips: This haddock fish and chips is definitely worth it! It still tastes as good as how I recall it to be! This premium haddock version has a meatier texture and I love it!

Fish n chips (dory): If the haddock fish and chips are slightly pricey to you, go for the dory fish and chips! It is also good! You can choose between the Pacific Dory or White Basa!

Botak Burget Set: We opted for the well done beef patty! The flame-grilled beef patty was super juicy and flavourful!

Black pepper Chicken set: This chicken set came with chicken breast meat, so do note it is slightly drier. I love the mushroom sauce that coats the black pepper chicken breast meat though!

For the above set menu items, you can opt for two sides (some sides come with additional premium charges):

Chicken Gumbo Soup: Have heards lots about this soup so decided to give it a go! Reminds me of chinese chicken soup for some reason! Has sausage and chicken meat in it!

Mushroom Soup: This mushroom soup was very thick and creamy, with many sliced mushroom bites in it!
Double baked cheese potato: My all time favourite sides! It is #stilldamngood !

Spicy Cajun Fries: Crispy fries! What is not to love about this!

Not-spicy fries: Surprisingly, i preferred the not-spicy fries to the spicy cajun fries!

Coleslaw: If too much fried food and fries is too much for you to handle, get this!

Butter Rice: Of all the sides, this was our least favourite. It reminded me of nasi lemak rice for some reason.
For drinks, we tried the Citron Lemon Soda, Super Berries Soda and Lychee Soda! Super refreshing and thirst quenching! They were also not too sweet!

If your stomach still has space, end off the meal with NY cheesecake!

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