Known for its Winnie The Pooh references, has a really bright & simple interior which feels really warm & welcoming. They also have a pretty interesting variety of flavours which includes Peach Basil (as seen), Honey Chrysanthemum & Cocoa Nibs as well as Ca Phe (Vietnamese coffee). Top up $1 for a Rosemary cone, which pairs perfectly with the flavours & perfumes the entire store with its scent.

The Peach Basil sorbet is light on the palate, with savoury bursts of flavour as you lick up the Basil bits. It's not too sweet as well which makes it really comforting.

If you're in the hood, do rmb to pop by! They also open till 12mn daily, so late night ice cream cravings will definitely be satisfied 🙌🏼