There is quite a fair bit of hype over Mother-in-Law Egg Tart — they had started off as a home-baker during the Circuit Break period, and now operates a kiosk within the basement of Havelock II retailing their egg tarts that comes in several flavours. Not all of the flavours listed were available when we passed by the kiosk around noon on a weekday afternoon; we found ourselves going for the flavours below:

- Signature (Original);
- 256 Crispy Layers Coffee;
- Refreshing Mango; and
- Earl Grey Black Tea

Couldn’t do without trying the Signature (Original) since it is always best to try the egg tarts in the most original form — we took a while to get from the kiosk to settle somewhere to enjoy the egg tarts; probably the reason why the pastry got a little stiffer than what we expected by the time we enjoyed them, though still maintaining its crispness. We could imagine how great these were when they are hot off the oven though; warm and crisp, with distinct layering in the pastry that isn’t too greasy nor buttery — all that whilst holding the suitably sweet and smooth egg curd within pretty well. Of the flavoured egg tarts, our favourite was the Earl Grey Black Tea — garnished with a maple leaf over the top, it comes with a distinct hint of the said tea but also comes with a surprise, chewy brown sugar “mochi” layer within similar to that of boba in bubble tea. The Refreshing Mango is yet another one we liked; comes with mango popping balls that provided a burst of refreshing sweetness that was particularly alluring while the 256 Crispy Layers Coffee would do well with caffeine-addicts with its strong, punchy notes of coffee that very much dominates the entire tart.

Being a hole-in-the-wall sort of establishment, Mother-in-Law Egg Tart is no doubt an earnest startup that felt like as though it grew from being a pastime into a small business. While the original egg tarts are scrumptious, their effort in creating flavours unique to their brand is worth commending — shows passion in the craft and their desire to serve the very best to their patrons. A spot that egg tart lovers should certainly give a try!