After your mouth-numbing, fiery dinner at Chong Qing, skip over to Ah Chew Desserts just a few doors down on Liang Seah for a respite. Douse the flames with a classic Mango Sago with Pomelo ($4.20), Grass Jelly with Logan ($3) or Honeydew Watermelon Sago ($3.30). If you're up for something different, give the Water Chestnut with Egg and Chinese Herbal Jelly ($4) a go. For a warm, comforting bowl, the Fresh Milk Steamed Egg or a foolproof Black Sesame Paste (from $2.40) will do the trick. Open till 12:30am on Fridays, you can gather around for a good chat in this cosy spot. There's something calming about this tiny space, perhaps its the Chinese paintings hanging on the walls, or the dark wood furniture — it sends you to another place and time.