You would have probably been to Bar Stories for their amazing cocktails, but did you know that Ah Hua Kelong is now permanently based there as well?

With seafood farmed locally within our shores, the exciting seafood tapas menu is something you'd want to pair your cocktails with!

One of the items we tried was Curry Mussels with Mantou ($16). Alternatively, you can opt for Pasta instead for $18!

Although I'm not a mussels lover, I had a go at one piece & I must say, fresh mussels definitely does taste a whole ton better. The plump & juicy meat absorbs the curry so well, that the fishy taste that I was afraid of was eliminated.

The curry recipe was inspired by Chef Ben's grandma, so it sure tastes of home! It was soooo good that the stipulated portions of mantou was not enough, resulting in having to order more to wipe out the curry. If I could, I'd happily drink the curry down just like that cause it was THAT good.