One of the chef’s recommendations on the menu that I’ve been eyeing and finally went ahead to try. This is basically atas fried rice that’s super delicious. The red rice is fried with pumpkin cubes, edamame, mushrooms, long beans and an egg, and you get to choose between roasted chicken or avocado to go with the carbs. I went with the roasted chicken breast, which wasn’t the most tender, but fortunately not dry nor tough to chew. I think it’s seasoned with mustard so the meat isn’t tasteless, and although it is just a teeny bit bland on its own, it goes well with the already-flavoured red rice. The portion of chicken given for $13 is substantial too - very value for money! I love the components in the red rice bowl - the red rice gives a lot more bite than regular white rice, plus it imparts a nutty flavour that’s so addictive. The edamame and long brand add some sweetness and a little crunch, whereas the sautéed mushrooms add an earthy flavour with some saltiness. The pumpkin cubes were harder than I’m used to, but they still worked in this case as they kept their form and didn’t disintegrate in the rice. Might’ve been even better if the pumpkin was softer, but overall I really enjoyed this fried red rice very much and have no complaints about my meal. Looks like I have to visit ABC more often to try more of their dishes and order this again!