They initially served this without lighting the fire below the pot, and we were wondering why the food was slightly cold. When we asked them to light it, the waitress never got back to us and we had to ask another. Took awhile for us to finally be able to start eating.

Mushrooms were super duper chewy, my jaws were quite tired after some time. The beansprouts were very raw so I didn’t really like it. Tastewise it was so-so I think. On the menu this was a speciality, but I thought there was nothing really amazing about it.

Service wasn’t very great in general. The waiting times for food was quite long, we already finished most of our previous dishes before this one even arrived.

It was quite packed on a weekday evening, but fortunately we made a reservation. Do note that if you make a reservation, all your guests have to be present before the restaurant allows you to be seated.

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