The Yuzu Butterfly Chicken ($18) was my favourite dish. The meat was cooked to perfection, juicy and tender. The crispy savoury skin was a nice contrast to the texture of the meat. The yuzu was well-infused into the meat and to my surprise, the flavour worked really well with the chicken!

I enjoyed the Bouillabaisse as well. I usually shy away from seafood but this soup blew me away! The seafood was very fresh, did not taste fishy at all. The prawn and mussel were soft and tender, not rubbery at all as it sometimes can be. The soup was thick and flavourful. Some might think its a tad bit salty but it worked well for me!

We also got the Pork Ribs ($20) which had a nice thick batter. Some parts of the meat were tender, falling right off the bone but some parts were a little tough. Maybe this could be something they can work on.

The Pork Katsu ($11) was quite good as well. Very crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. I really liked the garlic chilli sauce that came with it.