I am a huge, huge fan of Mr Bean and I've tried so many of their items - classic soya milk, pancakes, 3-in-1 riceballs, eggwich, pearly taro soya milk, icy matcha azuki soya milk, soya icecream, soya matcha icecream, soya pudding... They had black soya bean milk/icecream as seasonal items a few months ago and I loved them as well 😻

My favourites are definitely the classic soya milk and the soya icecream! They're my go-to whenever I need a snack/pick-me-up. They're rather affordable too as compared to the other beverages/icecream options out there ☺️ I love that their items have a very rich and distinct soya taste/fragrance and it's not diluted at all. It really feels very natural and healthy 😼

Plus, the Mr Bean character is SO CUTE I just can't deal hahaha I always look forward to seeing Mr Bean in different costumes/outfits 😂 And the staff here is always very friendly!