Bid my first and final goodbye to Bake Cheese Tart. Never tried it in Singapore all these years as I was overseas. Am now back, and when I heard they were closing down, I decided to make the trip to see what they really were about.

Really is a great cheese tart, I'll tell you that. The tart base did not crumble immediately and had a little bite to it, which is prefect. The cheese was very "flowy" when it was warm. But pop it in the fridge to get a nice, cheesecake - like consistency.

But I must say, for the size, the steep price tag of $3.90 for 1 is rather unjustifiable to me. Perhaps one of the reasons as to why they are closing is due to their steep price tag. Of course, demand for the tarts shot up once everyone heard they were leaving. I had to queue 20 mins for it, and there was a pretty long queue. I do wish them the best, though I'd have to be honest, if they did stay on, this is something I'll rarely see myself buying because of the price. Buying it once just to try is good enough for me.

Rating : 5/5