My curiosity had the better of me when I went into Clifford Centre jolly well knowing that the food scene on the ground floor has not changed over time. So wasn't really clear what to expect. I almost gave up when I noted the unit number was a stall selling nasi lemak, which honestly wasn't too delectable looking. When I knew that the Lor Bak Png is available and eventually holding this bowl of piping hot rice, I know my curious its and persistence paid off. The braised pork is melt in your mouth delicious as the fats and meat were nicely caramelised and melts into the rice - which is decent by its standards. The Lor Bak Png, accompanied by the zucchini pickle and chili oil (辣椒油) was an absolute delight and more than make up for the lackluster outfit. This is what comfy food is about.