Do they open strictly only Saturday(s)?
Wahsogood : yes! Only sats & not necessarily every sat.. Have to check their IG for updates or try luck~ don't expect too much there.. coffee's pretty avg & they only serve black or white coffee..
Wahsogood They scrapped the pay as you wish thing.. So a cake + coffee cost $12 now... Coffee's $5, so cake's $7. Thou i like the cake but i feel it's kinda ex for such small slice. Hmm.
But I guess it's worth visit for the experience? 😊
Wahsogood Ya, a visit, yes. Try to be there early unless u dont mind waiting at back alley under the hot sun. Haha
They only have a back entrance I supposed? What time does the cafe open btw? 😊
Yupp. Only one entrance. 9am-4pm mostly~
Thanks Geraldine 😊
No prob! =)