we ordered 4 dishes & redeemed 2 burpple 1-for-1 deals at this place, amounting to a total of $56ish after GST & service charge. the mongolian chicken ($18, medium, leftmost) was our favourite, 8/10, with the skin deep fried to perfection, crunchy but not jelat/too oily. the sauce that came with was also tasty & helped to bring the dish together. the dried scallop broth cabbage ($18, small, second from left) was meh, 6/10. not much comments on it because it was kinda just cabbage in salty gravy. i wouldn't purchase it again though, as it's def not worth $18 for a small. the sambal squid ($20, medium, second from right) was 6/10 as it had a good flavour but unfortunately the squid was chewy & lacked freshness. the rightmost dish was hotplate tofu ($18, medium) but it came in a clayplot as they didn't have a large enough hotplate for a medium sized order. it was yummy so 7/10 but kind of lacked the hotplate appeal of hotplate tofu which was the egg that is fried at the bottom which you can pick at to eat after your tofu and other ingredients are eaten, so that was a little disappointing but it was nice that they had so much variety of ingredients in their claypot that isn't usually found in hotplate tofu (had fish bits, prawns, squid). overall, we wouldn't pay the original price without the discount to dine at this place and wouldn't travel out of our way here again, but if we were in a group craving zi char and we have burpple beyond, we wouldn't mind coming here again!

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