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It's doesn't matter because it's brandy cake/ fruit cake/ Christmas cake reinvented, in a good natural way. The sweetness of the cake comes from the natural goodness of the fruits in it (think currants, cranberries, apricots etc), heightening the textures and flavors of the warm moist cake.

The first mouth of oral pleasure consists of the distinctive brandy (yet not overpowering). The aroma, mellow fragrance and smoothness of the Brandy flavors and aromas are all the immediate signposts of a old brandy (which is confirmed by the bakers that it is 30yo aged Brandy). The Rum Chantilly cream, the pecan nuts and the vanilla sauce are all gentle and smooth in taste and texture, providing extra dimensions to this well-executed and well-balanced dessert. Epicurean. Another triumph for Mad About Sucre!