Not the prettiest of cross sections (I blame P2HA and disposable cutleries), but don’t let that take away from how amazing this Signature Har Jeong Gai ($14) sandwich was. The fried chicken was juicy and tender (albeit a lil soggy cause of the whole takeaway circumstances), the prawn paste marinade fragrant and discernible. Now I like very punchy and aggressive flavours so I’d say they can afford to be more heavy-handed, but that’s not to say it was tasty as it is. Very well-executed in fact, I was very pleasantly surprised. The sweet chilli sauce was commendable as well: sweet enough and not one-dimensionally so, nicely balancing out the fried chicken. Kick up the spice a notch and it’d be perfect. What I loved the most however, was their chye poh sourdough — our bread of choice. It’s kinda like a super savoury and umami a sourdough focaccia with a great crust and soft, fuwa fuwa insides. It’s a shame I couldn’t taste actual bits of chye poh in there, or else I’d buy loaves of this back immediately.

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