From the Stuffed Chicken Wing with Crab Meat & Bird’s Nest ($31.80) to Braised Crab Meat Soup with Crab Roe & Fish Maw ($18.80), this will surely be a crabulous day at Shang Social. The soup was a sure winner for the rich and thick consistency to warm the heart and soul, plus the generous portion of crab meat, roe and fish maw that comes with it. The meal continued with the Stewed Crab with Glass Noodles & Canton Silver Fish, cooked in XO Sauce and served in a casserole ($53.80). All the natural sweetness from the crabs and umami-ness from the braising liquid has seeped into the glass noodles, making every slurp an enjoyable and comforting one.

The food didn’t stop there as the Wok-Fried Flat Noodles with Crab Meat, Crab Roe & Seafood in a Scrambled Egg Gravy ($28.80) came by and the noodles had the flavour from the breath of the wok, also known as wok hei. With the silky texture of the egg mixture and assortment of crab and seafood, this is another must-order dish when you are here. After the heavy hitters have arrived, up comes the Crab Meat Prawn Wanton & Fish Maw with Bamboo Noodles in a pork-prawn broth ($16.80) and an assortment of crab-inspired dim sums such as the dumplings, xiao bao and spring roll.
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