Visited Luckmeow rather recently; seemingly one of the newer stalls which had opened their doors at Maxwell Food Centre of the late. The establishment serves up North Indian-style cuisine; while the menu board showcases a wide variety of dishes, the dishes are served up on a rotational basis daily, which are also displayed at the front of the store for the convenience of the patrons.

While there are a few sets to choose from, we ended up with the Executive Lunch Set — consists of the Signature Butter Pilaf, one vegetable dish, one chicken dish and one cold dish. Went for the Tomato Salad with Peppery Dressing, Creamy Broccoli Gratin and Honey Baked Chicken; the Signature Butter Pilaf was pretty fragrant and distinguishable by-the-grain; carried a floral and buttery aroma that was pretty alluring. Otherwise, the Honey Baked Chicken was also one of the stars of the set; considerably succulent chicken that’s juicy and came with a nutty spiced rub which complimented the mellow sweetness on the skin, while the Creamy Broccoli Gratin had a good crunch along with the creamy sauce which was aptly decadent. Not really a fan of the Tomato Salad with Peppery Dressing but probably just something that was not to my own preferences; the cold dish does provide a refreshing burst with a zing and crunch from what seems to be pickled radish that is a great respite from the heavier elements.

A stall that is pretty much worth a try for a new take on North Indian cuisine — liked especially how everything is served in small sizes (think of it as Indian cuisine tapas-style) that makes it less intimidating to try the more adventurous dishes that they have!

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