Built my own bowl ($16) and chose a base of super greens (they also have soba, quinoa, various rices) and the seared marinated tuna for my 1 x protein. For veggies you can either get 2 hot ones or 1 x hot + 2 x cold - I went with 2 x hot: buttery sautรฉed wild mushrooms and (char)grilled furikake baby corn. I topped it off with (more) furikake and got a side of miso caramel dressing. So good! If you can't decide, they also have suggested signature bowls that you can just point at and choose.

I usually frequent the GT at Capita Green but space at 100 AM is really cool - with communal tables and a large island for their coffee bar. Unfortunately, the coffee bar wasn't open - I totally rate their cold brews.