Konbanwa minna-san! Esther is back with another Japanese place! Previously named Matsuba Shokudo, this place currently called Aji-ya (味屋) serves Japanese food and I gather is pretty popular among those living nearby by the amount of filled tables (me and the family went during a weekend, 8:30 p.m. and we had to wait for a bit).

Secretly tucked inside OBD Garden Tower Condo, Aji-ya will require you to park by the roadsidr because they only have 7 slots to park under their name inside. If you're lucky, just tell the guards you're here for Aji-Ya Japanese restaurant and they'll let you in, otherwise park outside it is!

The place itseld doesn't garner much attention, only a small door and a small signboard, Aji-Ya is located beside a swimming pool, after a playgroubd and security house inside the condo itself. The place is run by a chinese lady and the kitchen is run by a Japanese chef.

Menu wise, unlike most Japanese restaurants, Aji-ya sports a very minimal menu. With sets only taking up a page (ramen set, special set or even onigiri set among the few) with prices not exceeding RM 30.

We ordered a Nankotsu Ramen (RM 15) which had the tag "specially made" by the side. It came with pork ribs and in a pork broth. The pork broth is not as heavy as Bankara's broth and tastes rather light but still flavourful, not enough to make you sick of it. The pork rib meat was tender and broke apart pretty easily. Portion wise it was huge. No funny business like lots of soup here. Maximum portion of noodles and soup for you!

I ordered the Sashimi Onigiri set which came with a Ramen of your choice (miso, shoyu, shio) which came with 2 niko-niko onigiri sized onigiri, 6 slices of thick cut sashimi and a huge bowl of ramen. Think Maggie Sup you order in the mamak, now multiply it by 1.3. That was the portion size of the noodles. Let's not even get to the salad which I couldn't even touch because I had trouble finishing the onigiri and ramen by myself. All this for RM 30.

We also ordered other things like gyoza (RM 8) and soft shell crab temaki and sake temaki (salmon temaki) - can't recall the price. Which all looked pretty expensive at first but given the generous amount of sashimi/soft shell crab, it was worth it.

The brother ordered a Curry Rice- Ramen set (RM 28) which came with curry rice ans a ramen of your choice from the 3 I mentioned earlier. The curry rice was really good. Thick, rich, flavourful and went with the rice nicely (tho not as nice as CoCo Curry) while once again, it came with a hige bowl of ramen by the side as well as the normal fruits and salad. My brother, who is a monster eater, got full after finishing this whole set and 1/3 of my dad's nankotsu ramen. Mind you this is a brother who will always make me broke when I treat him to something. Just him alone can cost me RM 100 at least at Kinpachi.

Oh and green tea (RM 1.50) is refillable.