Those who have been around my Instagram profile would probably know how much I used to love Necessary Provisions — the space at Eng Kong Gardens is somewhere which I still found to be pretty unique and filled with character; was definitely sad when they pulled down their shutters for the last time a few years ago. So one could imagine the excitement in me when I first came across Necessary Provisions’s post on social media about their comeback in partnership with SmartFit Pilates, occupying just a small space that consists of two four-seater tables at Tanglin Place in the same space as the pilates studio.

Despite the small space occupied by Necessary Provisions here, they actually serve up hot food here alongside a small variety of cakes and bakes — that being said, the cafe now features a meatless dining concept (yes, no more Luncheon Meat Fried Rice and Pork Burger sadly); the Croque Kinoko is a sandwich that features shiitake mushroom and gruyere. A simple dish that’s comforting and satisfying (which is pretty much their branding since their days at Eng Kong Gardens), the toast comes crisp on the exterior with melty, oozy cheese lacing the earthy mushrooms in between that gives a bouncy chew. Topped with shaved cheese and a pickle, the pickle cuts through the heaviness of the cheese and bread to provide a sour-ish tang to refresh the taste buds.

The current rendition of Necessary Provisions at Tanglin Place is a more scaled-down version of what they were back then at the Eng Kong Gardens lot — smaller, cosier with a small stripped down menu that consist of only meatless options. That said, Necessary Provisions is still pretty much the same space it used to be — simple food that taste like home, straight from the heart, all in a cafe setting. Still, I must say I am pretty stoked about their return into the cafe scene; welcome back, and I am definitely returning for more (especially the Quinoa Ulam) some time soon — and to more Pandan Chiffon Cakes in time to come!

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