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Pork Cheek Pasta ($23) 7.5/10
- Pappardelle with tomato red wine sauce and pork cheek, sprinkled with parmesan cheese
- The portion is quite big with good amount of pork cheek. The pasta was cooked al dente and tasted homemade. Pappardelle, which are large, very broad and flat pasta noodles, is one of my favourite pasta noodle type (i personally prefer flat and broad ones because they have a nice chewy bite and sop up thick full-bodied sauces really well, bring out the wholesome flavour). I particularly like the tomato red wine sauce as it is rich and tangy but not overly-sourish. It tasted really well-flavoured and homemade. Unlike the reviews that i read, the pork cheek was really tender and not too hard (so i guess there might be some consistency issue). I love how they gave a generous portion of the pork cheek, sufficient enough for me to complement with the pasta in every bite.
- My only gripe about this dish is that they could have some cherry tomatoes or bigger tomato chunks in the sauce to add texture and juiciness as well as reduce the overall jelatness (can get bit clogging till the end). And probably a little spiciness can add another dimension to this dish

4. Crabmeat pasta ($24) 6.5/10
- Tagliatelle tossed in tomato cream sauce, overloaded with blue swimmer crabmeat pieces. - Love Rookery’s generosity with the ingredients in the pasta. There was generous portion of crabmeat. The tagliatelle was too done al dente with a good thickness and a firm bite. Love tagliatelle (ban mian kind of texture). As compared to the pork cheek pasta which is tomato based, this tomato cream based sauce made us jelat quite fast. Preferred the one without cream.

5. Vongole alla blanc 0/10
-Korean clams, garlic, white wine, chilli flakes, toast
-The sauce is seriously VERY salty and the quality of the clams does not justify the price NOPE NO GO. ▪️Taste: 3/5 (some hit some misses)
▪️Worth it: 2.5/5 (Pretty ex and since the taste isnt that mind blowing, i would rather pay for better food elsewhere. PS: there is 1-for-1 on burpple so if you want to try i think using 1for1 would make it more worth... for the taste😅)
▪️Overall: 5.5/10