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(Dish above)
Main Course: Salmon Fillet A La Plancha (Pumpkin Puree, Squash, Citrus Vinagrette)

I have been to this restaurant 3 times in the past 2 months and each experience has only gotten better. Honestly, the best way to know how good this restaurant is, is by visiting it yourself. My instagram highlight @thankGodforf00d will be able to show a greater diversity of the dishes that Ash & Elm has but it only displays my 2nd and 3rd visit and the descriptions of the food cannot be properly seen for my 2nd visit. 
Below is a summary of my 3 visits:
18th May - Saturday (Semi-Buffet + Main Course; $48++)
26th June - Wednesday (Semi-buffet + Main Course; $38++)
15th July - Monday (Full Buffet; $38++)
Note: Full buffets occur at the discretion of the restaurant. It is priced similar to that of the Semi Buffet + Main Course (Hence, $38++ for Weekdays and $48++ for Saturdays)

Overall, I have had lovely experiences at Ash & Elm and am really grateful to both the service staff and the chefs for giving me such a memorable experience. Just in case you may not have noticed, I am NOT paid for this review but I highly, highly recommend anybody that sees this to try out their semi-appetiser & dessert buffet during the weekdays. Anyways, hope to visit the restaurant again soon and perhaps I will try their Sunday Brunch ($98++) in future. :)

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