This is the legendary BCM stall that we will order from every single time we dine at Bedok 85! Do note that the dish differs from the usual BCM that you see in Singapore, which is a dry bowl of noodles. Xing Ji serves the soup version and the do not be deceived by the innocuous-looking bowl of noodles as the soup is full of porky goodness! The $3 dish also comes with a generous serving of Mee kia, along with 5 meatballs and some scattered minced pork in the soup. We also always get the cut red chilli because the slight spice gives the soup even more flavour!

For those of you thinking whether to order from Xing Ji or Seng Hiang (the stall on the right of it), the BCM from both stalls do not taste that much different. However, Seng Hiang gives a lot more minced park in the soup, although we hear that their noodles are slightly more soggy and also tend to have the slight alkaline taste! Nonetheless, both stalls are really popular and you may need to wait for 30 to 45 minutes for your noodles to be delivered, especially on weekends!

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