Opened fairly recently at KINEX within the basement, Paradiddle is a new gelato parlour that mainly caters to takeaways — the kiosk does come with a dine-in area for two pax at a counter seat facing the wall at the extreme right corner of the space.

Described as being the “first musically-inspired gelateria”, each of the flavours are named with a musical theme here, with flavours carrying names such as “Single Beat”, “Swiss Army Triplet” and “Five Beat Roll” — not to worry though, for each of the flavour cards come with a description of the flavour underneath the name for the ease of ordering. The Six Beat Roll is essentially the Milk & Honey flavour; a creamy and smooth flavour that is laced with the sweetness of honey which is existent throughout the whole scoop. Much to my surprise here, Paradiddle actually serves up their gelato with a choice of waffle cones, waffle plate or even a Rosemary Waffle Cone which mimics the countless establishments that serves up herb-infused cones after the Thyme Cone, first introduced to the masses by Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique; needless to say which was the waffle cone I opted for. The crisp Rosemary Waffle Cone carries an evident hint of the herb; does work rather well against the milky notes of the gelato I have picked, though the honey’s sweetness does seem to tone down those herb-y notes quite a fair bit — probably a better choice to choose a lighter flavour for those who wants to experience the Rosemary Waffle Cone at its very best.

Was fairly surprised by the quality of the gelato and waffle cones here — to be honest, we were not nearing too much of an expectation given how Paradiddle is one of those gelato parlours situated in a mall. That being said, the concept is pretty interesting — to save the environment by using less single-use plastic spoons, biscuit sticks are served here with the scoop of gelato served in a cup. Speak about being environmentally-conscious whilst enjoying a sweet, cool treat in the scorching heat!

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