Rating: 🌟🌟🌟

Price: $15.90 (FOC - Complimentary Dessert)

(Subjected to Service Charge)

I was extremely thankful to @shout.sg and @cakeavenuesg for letting me win the complimentary dessert and drink!

Also, I'm so glad to have chosen this dessert. This combination not only looked unique but tasted heavenly altogether! At least that's what i think.

Quoted straight from their menu -
'Dark chocolate ice cream "Burger Patties" sandwiched between 2 sets of vanilla butter cake "Buns" and topped with raspberry "Ketchup" and passionfruit "Mustard". Served with a side of warm Cake Fries.'

Give it a try if you're there! If I'm not mistaken, this dessert is for limited time period only, till end of this year. So don't miss the opportunity to taste and take this instagram-worthy dessert!