Eclipse is helmed by Chef Samuel Quan,The restaurant will serve a multitude of east-meets-west fusion delicacies.

Feature :
💕Pumpkin Laksa soup.
Pumpkin cooked with laksa rempah,served with Seafood Tortellini consist of tiger prawn and scallops, top with puff rice.
Hamachi season with kimchi sauce, served with pickled ginger flower,fresh Nashi pear,kohlrabi juice season with lime, hanaho and kaluga caviar.
💕Duo Beef.
Tajima wagyu cooker over charcoal grill meanwhile braised short ribs with hoisin glazed.
On the side is crispy potato Mille feuille and garden vegetables.
My fav, the chicken breast very tender n not dry, served with spiced mousse , green curry foam and Asian slaw.

📍Eclipse Restaurant.
Yue Hwa Building, #06-01.
70 Eu Tong Sen Street.