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ALL YOU SEE: forests of baby arugula.
WHAT I ACTUALLY TASTE: Pistachio pesto on thin crust.
HOW I FEEL: priceless.

If you haven't heard of the pistachio pesto pizza, you are really missing out on a whole lot! Or perhaps you just never step foot in CBD. If you works in CBD but have not tried this, im speechless then. What you waiting for?

Ingenious of not using the usual tomato base, this pizza is coated with a layer of pistachio pesto which gives it a slight nutty aftertaste and texture. The baby arugula, more commonly known as salad rockets, balances the flavours of the grainy sauce.

Today's pizza is slightly more charred, the black lumps you see is actually the sauce. I actually like my pizza slightly more charred like this. I finished half of that and i don't feel sick of the taste down to my very last mouth.

Love this green pizza to bits! ♻️ Wish there were cooler air or aircon here as it might get abit stuffy. Ask for permasan cheese to go with this.