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No words can describe how incredibly happy I was when I walked to Butterknife Folk and saw the Pistachio flavour available. I literally squealed with delight at the ice cream display. We immediately ordered a pint, which was pretty expensive at $20, but for ice cream this quality - I think it is well worth it.

Since the ice cream is made in small batches, this was no doubt a different batch than the one I had gotten last week. It was same same yet different. While the pistachio flavour was as strong and you could see the specks of pistachio, they were more finely ground than before, and this gelato seemed to be softer and melted faster too. However it was still the same great taste and I converted three out of four of my friends to Butterknife Folk fans!

Perfect for when you want some amazing ice cream to share calories with your friends, or when you just want the amazing ice cream to yourself for a chill night. Remember to bring a thermal container if you plan to buy some ice cream back so you can get $2 off your pint purchase!