Released as one of the special flavours in line with Christmas, the Kumamoto Purple Sweet Potato Choux Puff is a new flavour of their choux puff, alongside the other festive flavour — Chocolate Mint, and the standard Uji Matcha, Houjicha and Kurogoma Choux Puff; the five flavours available as part of a Xmas Choux Puff Standard Box of 6 pieces during this very special time of the year, and also available as a single ala-carte order for dine-in and takeaways at their Cathay flagship outlet.

Unlike the other flavours which feature a more cream-based filling, the Kumamoto Purple Sweet Potato flavour features a more paste-like filling within — pretty expected considering the texture of sweet potato in general. That being said, the filling is still pretty light and not too dense; carrying a texture almost akin to whipped cream. Being aptly sweet to still be considered as a dessert, the filling does carry a light earthy note distinct of sweet potatoes. That being said, the choux pastry does seem to have slipped from its standards previously; not sure if it only concerns the two festive flavours or the entire series considering how we have only tried the festive specials only, but the pastry feels more similar to the “Pie Crust” puff at Beard Papa instead of the usual crispy, crusted pastry that I have enjoyed previously.

A pretty daring flavour no doubt, but I guess fans of purple sweet potato will be very much taken for this one — after all, there is something so ever charming with desserts that employs the use of Japanese sweet potatoes be it for the aesthetic appeal, or for that emphasis of the freshness of the ingredient used in an abstract way. Wished the pastry was a little bit more up to par; but does seem to be worthy just to have a try considering it being a limited time-only offering.