Huge fan of Chinese food and this spicy fish just made me love it more!!! Went to Orchid Roast Fish (easily accessible from China Town MRT. We went for the buffet of weekdays (Monday to Thursday) at $18.80++/pax. Heard the price for dinner rose to $20.80++ now though. But anyway, it was buffet and we had free flow fish (cooked in varying styles), vege, mushroom, meat, pork and beef!!!!! It was really worth it considering the price we paid for the large variety of food! We had the fish in fragrant spices, followed by picked vegetable soup and then mala!!! glad it was in this order because the mala totally burnt us. Fish was soft, tender and meaty, with other ingredients being fresh. However a plate of beancurd skin we had was slightly moudly, which we alerted the staff and they immediately took it away for us.
Drinks are excluded from this buffet though, so we had to incur the drinks price! The crowd started streaming in at 6pm and despite saying dinner is only for 2h, they did not chase us out as the place was not full since they had 2 levels. Staff were friendly and helpful to our questions and orders.