Would you pay x4 the price of what you can get at hawker? I would, but i know many who wouldnt.

BCM Capellini is a fusion take on ba chor mee with campellini replacing your meepok. It has everything you want from a BCM, the good dash of vinegar (warning if you dont like vinegar) with fiery sambal.

Chendol Deutsch Skillet Pancakes was eggy and fluffy, i can't explain why but it wasn't in a delightful way. It was jelak and i didnt really enjoy it.

Mvp: Hainanese chicken roulade and foie gras - ok i get it, it is a really expensive plate of chicken rice, but it is also a really good one. Individually they are all amazing. Plump yet tender chicken, fluffy and tasty rice that can be eaten on its own and chilli that pack a punch. Add in the complex flavour of foie gras (my fav!) and you get a wholesome meal on its own.

Overall i enjoyed the experience and would come back again to try their other refreshing take on local delights!

Overall 🥚: 7.5/10 🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🟡

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