So.. I’m one of those who’d buy a whole pie HAHA ($68) but they’re a great addition to the many potluck gatherings planned for the upcoming festivities! S’mores is a dense milk chocolate custard layered over melted marshmallow and glazed with dark chocolate fudge. Pineapple Passionfruit had a smooth pineapple yoghurt curd topped by a sharp and beautifully acidic pineapple glaze. Also loved that these two came with a buttery tart base. The pies were a big hit and catered to all 🥳

Also had the opportunity to taste Windowsill Pies’ softserve! Planned for their thanksgiving giveaway, they served a swirl of pumpkin spice and vanilla bourbon. The pumpkin was subtle but creamy, pairing well with the gingerbread. The rye whiskey cut through the rich vanilla to give a complex layered flavour. Mikey, their resident baker (and now confectioner!), said that they use only the most quality ingredients and churn the cream at a lower temperature to give a denser finish. The attention to detail really shows in the final product! Looking forward to the flavours they’d have in future ☺️🌟

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