A collaboration between Timbre+ tenant Garçons and Keng Eng Kee Seafood — also one that I was really looking forward to as well on my end. The Pork Rib is prepared using modern cooking techniques, confit and comes fused with Keng Eng Kee's signature coffee glaze used in their Coffee Ribs. The Pork Ribs are not as soft as expected, but it's still pretty tender given how the flesh comes off from the bones so effortlessly which was pretty well-executed. Coated in Keng Eng Kee's signature coffee glaze, I liked the smoky, sweet yet caffeinated flavours of the glaze which goes into the meat pretty well, and the smart addition of the almond crumbles not just adds a little crunch to the ribs but gives it a flavour very much that seemed to have been inspired by eating Lotus Caramalized Cookies dipped into coffee. Achar is surprisingly fresh, juicy and chunky with the sour-ish zing able to cut through the heavy flavours of the ribs, and a plus point because it doesn't carry an onslaught of peanuts as well. It's definitely something I find not to be missed at the Open Stoves event.