From Ann Siang Hill in 2009 to SOTA, @kkisweets is finally back again🎉 with their beautifully😍 plated desserts, located at the ground level of @raffleshotelsingapore. Works on a reservation-only basis, walk-ins might not be welcomed🚷 due to limited seats and desserts per day. Since it’s our first time here, we decided to go for their more popular creations (based on IG).

👉”J” - SGD13.50
black sesame, yuzu, matcha
👉TEH - SGD9.50
earl grey, pear, hazelnut

Does anyone know why this cute little concrete plant pot is called “J”🤔? Aesthetically pleasing to the eyes👀, the black sesame pot is layered with matcha rice krispies, yuzu cremeux, and chocolate soil on the top. Just as good as it looks, each spoonful was a symphony🎶 of textures and flavours😋. However, it’s quite a pity that the flavour of matcha was muted down, thanks to the robust yuzu cremeux.

As for TEH, it’s an earl grey mousse cake with sweet pear chunks as its core, and finally decorated with toasted hazelnut crunch. Being the cheapest🤑 dessert on their menu, all the elements did come together in perfect harmony, leaving me craving🤤 for more.
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️