Visited at after Sunday midnight at the wee hours of Monday morning upon returning from a late flight. There was no queue, but we soon figured out why. Apparently The Alley doesn’t serve their signature Deerioca pearl series from 10pm-10am. In addition, if we wanted pearls as toppings for our teas, we’d have to wait 30 minutes. Well, ok then. Looks like it’s not such a smart idea to visit at night.

We settled for both the milk teas at 25% sugar and no toppings. The difference between both teas is that the Royal No. 9 Tea (pictured on the left) tastes of blueberries, while the Assam black tea (pictured on the right) is a regular black tea. I felt that the blueberry flavour only came through subtly in a fruity afternote. Perhaps if I hadn’t asked the cashier what the difference was, I wouldn’t even have known what to look out for. I preferred the regular Assam black milk tea over the Royal No. 9 as the aroma of the tea was stronger and more fragrant. The fruitiness also didn’t do it for me. There’s a notice stuck at the start of the queue barriers that the Royal No. 9 tea series is limited to one cup per customer, but I didn’t feel that was much of a loss. I would be happy saving $0.50 with the Assam black milk tea, or equally happy buying milk teas from other BBT shops as The Alley’s milk teas didn’t seem to be anything particularly special.