I would recommend the cakes, but after reading the other reviews, it only confirmed the experience I had. I rarely would bother leaving a review (think about the hassle of searching for the place and typing all this), but I really felt a need to. Thankfully my experience is not that bad compared to the others I read, but nevertheless within 5 minutes of entering the place I have already made up my mind to write this. I was waiting outside the shop when a lady who seem like the manager/ boss asked me if I was dining in or taking away, I replied dining in and she requested for me to wait outside. Mmm.. not the best reaction I was expecting considering it was burning outside, but fair enough there was a couple who was doing their safe entry before me. When the entranceway was finally empty, a man this time opened the door to invite us in, and once again asked if I was dining in or taking away, I replied dining in. He then led me to my table and told us when we are ready we can order at the counter. There was no menu or QR code to scan at the table, so I’m not sure what do I need to get ready for? So I made a detour and went back to the counter near the entrance to look at what was available. Once again, the lady at the counter asked me if I was dining in or taking away, I replied dining in. By this time, I was very puzzled why can’t they have a better customer management system? Why do I need to be asked 3 times if I was dining in or taking away. I wasn’t very pleased with the way the counter staff communicated with me as a customer too, it felt like she wanted to just get the job done. Would a smile kill you? Or even just ask your questions courteously? With the number of reviews online about their customer service, I would rather go somewhere else next time. After all Singapore has no lack of good dessert places.