Omgggg finally went bck to ASANOYA BAKERY after a long time for Karuizawa Green Tea ($2.00) after I went during CNY Eve which it is early year :") and I didn't chose Karuizawa Green Tea that time :( I think I will be going back for Karuizawa Green Tea next time but I didn't expected that it was quite long for waiting (even though I went to passby the area (waterloo center) that time but I didn't went for bread :( Karuizawa Green Tea was quite fluffy and soft bread that I was quite happy for getting bread but I didn't tasted much for green tea (idk). I'm not a fan of bread (i cri) but pls don't unfollowed me. I was quite a fan of desserts (especially cake and ice cream) that I asked my friends for dessert time (that's why I enjoy tea time most of time)