Okay firstly, this is just way too tiny for a $28 main. Its more of a pigeon than an actual chicken. I felt it was more of an appetizer and the chicken itself was gone in 5 bites. Not big bites, either. The chicken was really good though; briny, tender and juicy, but the fact that there was so little of it overshadowed everything else.

And there's the quinoa, which was so bland and grainy I felt like asking for ketchup to make it edible. The carrots and spinach tasted pretty good, but there were only like four carrot sticks and less than a handful of spinach.

I also had a glass of their house white wine ($13) which was quite bad and I'm not even a wine drinker; there was barely any of that pleasant warmth from the alcohol and it just tasted so painfully flat.

The ambience in Aqua Luna is gorgeous though, the quiet swish of the pool water, the gorgeous backdrop of The Interlace and the faint background white noise of the cars passing below. Its a perfect place for a romantic date if you're a small eater. Just that I'm not.


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