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Afternoon tea set for 2 at $38++, which includes:
Mini Sweets --> apple crumble tart, coffee eclair, pistachio cream puff, fruit tart
Mini Savouries --> minced beef patty burger, salmon asparagus salad, fried prawn bruschetta, mushroom tart
Choice of grapefruit soda or artisan tea (we chose tea)

The portions are really tiny but surprisingly we were pretty full at the end of it, even though we ordered an additional beer-battered shrooms ($10) that we couldn't finish and ended up packing away cos the mushrooms were really humongous!

For the sweet stuff, I found the coffee eclair a little too sweet, and the coffee cream inside tastes more like toffee/caramel. The pistachio cream puff pastry reminded me of kaya even though my friend decided she couldn't taste any hint of pistachio. The fruit tart was essentially a tart shell filled with whipped cream and topped with a couple of blueberries and small wedge of strawberry. Only the apple crumble tart was the most decent to me.

The savouries fared better in my opinion. The beef patty was flavourful even if it's a tad dry, and the bread was nicely buttered. The bruschetta was crisply toasted and crunchy, though prawn was a bit small. Initially I thought the salmon was smoked but actually it seemed like it's seared, so it's not bad. The mushroom tart contained what felt with very thick mushroom soup but I love mushroom soup, and portion size was small enough to not get sick of it.