My date and I got their Founder BKT ($9.80) alongside the free Popularity BKT by using Burpple Beyond. The difference is in the meat - Founder BKT came with a rib and Popularity came with unknown parts. Meat was dry and slightly tough, but it was quickly fixed when I doused it in chili and dark sauce. You can also request for chopped garlic to add into your condiments!

Soup was less peppery than most named stores. If you prefer lighter broth, you’d enjoy this. Unfortunately I was seated under the ceiling fan, and the food cooled really quickly.

We ordered charcoal youtiao ($2), which was a win cause the fried fritter was crispy and hot! It was also really oily with grease all over the plate, but that was expected. Taste of charcoal was unnoticeable.

Braised peanuts ($3.50, small) was a great treat, perfect for 2-3 people.

Service was attentive and I appreciated the quick soup refills.

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