Bought a Chope 1-for-1 voucher ($28.96) and chose the Trio Salmon Chiraishi Don (UP $28) and Garlic Prawn Pasta (UP $24).

Salmon Chiraishi Don had quite a number of salmon slices (both normal and aburi), a spoonful of ikura, tamago on a stick, as well as crispy salmon skin with mayo and ebiko on top - but ultimately this tasted just average. Aburi salmon was a disappointment as it was more 'half-cooked' than seared. Salmon slices were thick but wasn't fresh. Tamago wasn't freshly made too.

Garlic prawn pasta tasted really plain and could use alot more garlic bits and more spice, but the big and crunchy prawns alleviated the meh-ness slightly.

Also had a half pint of Yuzu Frozen Beer ($15), which was just regular beer flavoured with yuzu jam (it settles at the bottom so use a straw to stir every now and then) and the slush on top does taste like beer but in a bad way.

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