amazin stuff. little cosy restaurant tucked in between DTF and starbucks but you can’t miss its sign from afar. we got 2 pastas and 2 pizzas - garlic truffle carbonara, crab & lobster pasta, garlic snowing pizza, old fashioned ham & sausage pizza.

the garlic truffle carbonara was far more superior to the crab and lobster pasta. strong truffle flavour with a classic creamy egg texture. they ran out of crab so they replaced it with more lobster and fish roe. honestly not the best dish, slightly disappointing with a rather bland and overly thick sauce. honestly tasted like stale cheese/seafood, though the lobster portion was p huge.

the pizzas were great!!! thin crust is gd crust. both of the ones we ordered were yummy!! especially love the sweet white sauce that they use in both :)

we also got the garlic tower on the side- it was e l i t e garlic bread. not the sweetest, the garlic flavour was strong but not overpowering, bread had the right amount of burn and crisp. they also perform a lil something for u at your table :)