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It holds its own very well and does not live in the shadow of its popular competitor. Unagiya offers various Hitsumabushi sizes, the most impressive of which being the XL which can fill at least 3-4 stomachs easily. We ordered this and what came was an impressively large plate of Eel goodness.
For those who have tried and are familiar with Man Man, allow me to use that as a reference point.

Onto the Unagi - Crispy and charred on the outside, soft and tender on the inside. There was no muddy/fishy aroma and everything was very fresh. We ordered the Tokyo sauce which was the more savoury of the two optiond available (the other being the Singapore sauce, which was developed to suit more local tastes, this is sweeter and more comparable to Man Man's marinade/sauce offering). The Tokyo sauce was lovely, it did not overpower the taste and freshness of the grilled Unagi and that was what we really enjoyed about it. They also offer some sauces on the side to supplement as well.
The Rice - Softer than Man Man. While I do prefer rice with a little bite, I can appreciate this softer variety complementing the crispy charred outer crust of the grilled Unagi. It had a lot of sauce-soaking ability so that was a plus.

The Wasabi - No fresh Wasabi root given that we can grate ourselves but it tasted fresh and serving it to us pre-grated does save us the time, but I do admit I like the novelty of grating it myself.
One notable difference in the menu here is the lack of Eel-based side dishes. Man Man does offer crispy Eel bones and Eel Livers (which I absolutely adore), so plus points to Man Man kf you are looking for a holistic offering.

Overall we are impressed by Unagiya Ichinoji and will be more than happy to come again. The eel is fantastic, and my cravings were satisfied.
📍30 Robertson Quay, #01-05 Riverside Village Residences, Singapore 238251

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