This was by far, the most disappointing dish I’ve had this year. Never mind that this $42 plate only had 4 slices (ok thick slices) of pork collar. It was disproportionately filled with fat. Was pretty disconcerting to find that this supposed “main” was just a plate of fats. I’m better off at Fei Fei Roasted Noodles, or Laifabar for their char siew. Or even any decent hawker roast meat stall, or a Chinese restaurant 😤 Taste-wise, it was just alright, nothing outstanding. The salsify tasted like a regular root vegetable. Pork and apple do go together, so the natural sweetness of the apple purée was welcome. But definitely would not recommend this dish and it unfortunately spoilt the dining experience - the better dishes were not good enough to make up for this lacklustre dish.

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